How to lay linoleum: tips and stages of the process

By giving preference when changing the floor covering linoleum, you have made a very good choice, since the modern varieties of this material have reached a high level of strength and stability in any effect. You can be sure that such a floor will last you long enough.

A big advantage of this coating is that it is not at all difficult to lay on its own.

Let’s talk about this process in more detail.

As for any finishing work, the first task is to prepare the basis for laying. The main thing for laying linoleum, so that it is even. If the percentage of irregularities in the floor area reached 20, then the floor screed is simply necessary. It is made using cement-sand mortar. It should be borne in mind that the thickness of the screed should not be more than five centimeters. Then the screed itself must be covered with a layer from the mixture, which levels the surface on its own, its thickness should be about two centimeters. It is necessary not to lose their attention to the joint of the floor and walls. The junction should be even on both surfaces, and the angle between them is strictly ninety degrees. If all these requirements are observed, and you have received a smooth and even floor, then you can consider the process of alignment with the completed.

This technique itself is unusually sophisticated and quite decorative. Create or rather decorate something with its help quickly and simply. Since the “double smear” technique is possible by spending on this couple of evenings. The main detail helping in creating this type of decor is a solid brush. In this technique, two types of brushes are used: flat or mowed at an angle. They will help you choose them in a specialized salon, later you can do it yourself. It is better to start training using gouache paints, only having practiced for some time you can switch to acrylic.

Having carefully picking up brushes and gouache, you will enjoy your work and understand how fast and most importantly, you can easily create beauty with your own hands. If you have not yet decided on which gouache you would like to use in your work, pay attention to such brands as Gamma and Luch have an excellent reputation among artists. Having settled down comfortably, having set the light and placing the necessary album, brushes, a jar of clean water and napkins on the table, you can begin to create a new masterpiece.