PVC wall panels for interior decoration

For many years, the walls of the walls of residential buildings and premises are carried out using panels. To date, there are many varieties of such material, but PVC wall panels for interior decoration are most popular and in demand.

Advantages of PVC panels

Decorative wall wall panels are largely won in front of other finishing materials. The strength of such material is provided due to the design of the ribs of stiffness. The main characteristics of the panels for wall decoration of PVC include: durability, one hundred percent moisture resistance and inexplicability. This material is resistant to sharp temperature differences and withstands mechanical loads.

The basis of each decorative plastic panel is isolated cells that provide high sound – and thermal insulation in the room.

There are many advantages of using such material:

Installation of plastic panels is carried out without additional work – plaster and putty, which significantly saves time and reduce the cost of work.

High -quality and correct installation allows you to easily and quickly level any walls of walls.

The space between the wall and the material can be filled with sound – or thermal insulation material.

The possibility of cutting the material of PVC to the necessary parts.

Thanks to high decorative qualities, wall panels of plastic can be used to create partitions, arches, columns of any dimensions.

With proper installation, you can get the most even, decorative surfaces.

Installation of PVC panels – Technology

PVC wall panels for interior decoration, the installation of which is carried out quite easily and quickly – modern material that is used everywhere.

Installation of plastic wall panels is carried out on a wooden frame. Therefore, a small space remains between the wall and the material. Most often it is filled with thermal insulation material, which allows the room to make the room warmer. At the same time, heating costs are significantly reduced. But even if the walls of the walls with PVC panels are carried out without additional isolation, the soundproofing properties of the material are not reduced.

To increase the decorativeness of such material, beautiful drawings are applied to its surface by printing. After which the panels are covered with protective varnish. You can make a matte or glossy coating. The surface treated with varnish has wear resistance, resistance to UV rays and an antistastistic effect. In addition, any scratches, ashes, chemicals and aggressive effects do not affect the change in the appearance of plastic sheathing.

Most often, wall panels made of plastic are painted in a plain color or under a tree, marble or stone. Decorative plastic panels fully meet all hygienic standards, due to the non -cilular structure of the surface of the material.

Caring for such panels is quite simple and not laborious. This is an environmentally friendly material that is used to decorate household premises, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and even shower booths. The main care of such a skin consists in periodic wiping its surfaces. For this, it is recommended to use any detergent without the content of abrasive substances.

For many, it is important that the installation of such material does not require preliminary preparation of walls – plaster, aligning uneven surfaces or removing the old paint and wallpaper. In addition, this is perhaps the cleanest way of wall lining. High technological installation process is one of the most important advantages of such a material. Assembling walls from plastic panels is a very easy process that even a layman can perform.

Lack of dust, dirt and other construction garbage during installation is one of the main advantages of this method of wall lining.

In conditions of cold climate in the temperature range from minus fifty to plus fifty degrees, plastic panels retain their original appearance for ten years.