Sri Lanka country is a “drop” of land in the Indian Ocean

“A drop” of the Earth in the Indian Ocean, the country of Sri Lanka is full of unique cultural and natural treasures. The British, Dutch, Portuguese left their mark on its territory, diluting the ancient cities with colonial architecture. Charming beaches dotted with palm trees and colorful mountains create a unique landscape where you can spend an unforgettable vacation. The gaping form is like this island, since the country of Sri Lanka, over the past decades, has experienced hard times due to an unstable political situation and natural disasters.

Sights of Sri Lanka

The most famous attraction of Sri Lanka is Lance Ari Sigiriya, listed in UNESCO lists. This fortress palace, built in the 5th century, rises on a steep cliff in the center of the island. Another object of UNESCO lists is Fort Galle, which today is considered a craft center of the country, with fortress ramparts, colonial forks and streets. The cultural center of Sri Lanka can be called the city of Kandy-the last stronghold of kings of Kandy. Here, ancient customs and rites are a way of life, and in the temple of the tooth that is located nearby is the sacred tooth of the Buddha.

The country of Sri Lanka contains several more cities that should pay attention to. In Colombo, the Petty Market and the Vihara Maha Devi Park (Vihara Maha Devi) with an amazing collection of exotic flowers, Polonnaruva (Polonnarwa) are impressive, the huge statue of the lying Buddha, the remains of the royal palaces and one of the best museums in the country are impressive, and Negombo is considered the best kurorta which the country of Sri Lanka offers the richest customers.

National cuisine Sri Lanka

Spicy rice is the main food product of natives and is consumed along with vegetables, meat and acute sauces. Many products are cooked in coconut milk, which the country of Sri Lanka consumes, and with flour products, and with sweets. Another favorite drink of islanders is tea, the export of which is a real salvation for, not very rich, country.

Weather in Sri Lanka

Without a large territory, the country of Sri Lanka is marked by a rather even course of annual temperature. The hottest in April, when the temperatures reach 35 degrees, and the coldest in December, when night temperatures can fall to plus 20. The mountains are slightly cooler-12-15 degrees.