Three best remote jobs and their benefits

The main task of a copywriter is professional work with texts. He writes articles for pages on social networks and websites, texts for advertising campaigns, letters for mailing lists, and makes descriptions of products and services.

The copywriter bears great responsibility for the result, so he must be fluent in words, understand the basics of psychology and the marketing strategy for the company’s development.

Even a well-made website will not work and generate income if it is not promoted in search engines. This is exactly the work that SEO specialists do. They are responsible for promoting sites to the top of Yandex and Google, increasing traffic and incoming applications from users. To do this, SEO managers are engaged in internal website optimization, developing the semantic core, creating high-quality content and solving other problems.

There is always a need for those who test software products, look for errors and failures in them, protect against hacker attacks and make IT products convenient and useful for users. The work of a tester is quite complex, because he has to combine information technology, product management and UX design. Such specialists test websites, mobile applications, software and computer games.