Country India

India is a state that is located in the southern part of Asia. The capital of India city of Delhi. Official language – Hindi, second, auxiliary language English.

The attractions of India

Undoubtedly, there is something to see here. India is a country that attracts the attention of tourists from around the world. And this is accompanied by: mysterious Tibet, impressive mountains of the Himalayas, sultry forests of GAT, Holy River Gang, Museums, Reserves, Monuments, Sea Resorts, all this is the national pride of the country.

A forty kilometers from the city of Agra is a “ghost city” called Fatihpur-Sikhri, the famous attractions of India, for example, “great gates” of Bulandarvaz and the mausoleum of Sheikh, are well preserved here. There is another value in the city of Vrindavan-the Temple of Krishna-Balaram-Mandir Place of the Bogomolia.

On the south side of the city of Chennai is another well -known center of the mantis – Madurai, with the majestic temple of the goddess Menakshi and the temple of the god Shiva.

The north-eastern part is occupied by the famous Mountain System of the Himalayas and Gindukush. Tibetan monasteries are also no less known throughout the world. The main resort of Tibetan medicine is the Mountain Resort Manali. For tourists who love mountains, there are many interesting routes here. The best sea resort area is the state of Goa.

Kerala is also located in India, this state is suitable specifically for tourists who like to travel through impassable jungle, spices plantations, and swim around the lagons. The peculiarity of the Indian people is that they are very fond of taking pictures with tourists. As soon as you take a picture with a resident of this amazing country, you should immediately show him a picture and this will be enough for everyone to be satisfied.

National cuisine of India

The number of extraordinary national dishes of India is simply impossible to calculate. Indian cuisine is very versatile and each city has its own distinctive feature, for example, in the north of the country they use products such as: wheat and ghee oil. Here it is worth tasteing the famous dishes Kebab and Tanduri. Dishes such as the Gostant and Biriyan are popular.

In the southern part of the menu it becomes even more diverse, here it is often added to coconut dishes. Many of the inhabitants are real vegetarians. And in the north and south, residents prefer dishes from beans and vegetables.

The main place in Indian cuisine is occupied by the famous spice “Curry”. From hot dishes, the most common is the soup gave. In the national cuisine of India, various varieties of cheese are very popular, especially the cheese of Shah Panir, as well as river and sea fish.

Alcoholic beverages are rarely consumed, at weddings they usually drink feni, which is prepared from coconut palm and ciceta. India’s cuisine is famous for the whole world with its amazingly tasty desserts, they are prepared from fruits, milk, honey, nuts and cereals.

The climate of India

Four main climate reign on the territory of India: a rainy tropical, dry tropical, subtropical monsoon and alpine. Gimalay mining system are protection against cold winds.

The most dry season begins in March and ends in June, the average temperature in this period is thirty -one Celsius Celsius. Winter here is warm, the average January temperature plus fourteen to twenty -five degrees Celsius, in the humid period the temperature for most of the country plus twenty -eight degrees Celsius. In the mountains in January minus one degree Celsius, in July to plus twenty -three degrees Celsius.