The country of Haiti

Haiti attracts tourists with his nature. From the Indian language, Haiti is translated as the “country of the mountains” and this is not by chance – in the country there are five mountain ranges.

Haiti is a fabulous country, it has a great nature and a wonderful landscape. Lovers of water entertainment (surfers, divingists) and lovers are so angry on the beach come here. Yellow coastal sand, the whisper of a quiet surf – all this in conjunction attracts tourists and makes us return to this country many more times.

It will not be bored here and amateurism lovers. In Haiti there are national parks in which you can see the caves, take a walk along the tropics and soak under warm sunlight in alpine meadows.

Near the coast of La Ganaba you will see a very rare phenomenon-a rock sheltered with a layer of black punishment. On the coast there is another attraction of Haiti with a ridiculous name – the cave “The hole of the zombie”.

Fans of history will be interested in the fact that in the capital of the country, the city of Port-o-Prens, in the Cathedral of Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus was buried.

For tourists who want to purchase souvenirs, you must definitely visit the “weapon market”. You can buy an old weapon at attractive prices from the merchants of this market.

National cuisine

Haiti cuisine combines echoes of African, European and Caribbean cuisine. And in combination with local products, its dishes acquire a unique taste. 80% of products are imported from other countries in the country, so the prices for them are high. Vegetables are most often used in cooking. But despite this, the Haiti kitchen is considered the most delicious in the Caribbean islands. All these merits thanks to a wonderful local cook.

A fish is considered a traditional dish. Skillful chefs prepare it in different variations and combine it with completely not with combined, at first glance, products. What makes her taste special. Grain porridge is usually prepared for fish and meat. The Haitian cuisine has a very wide variety of salads.


A tropical climate prevails on the island of Haiti.

The average temperature in the country is +25 from. Minimum temperature for the island – +14 C, maximum – +38 C. The amount of precipitation in the country ranges from 800 mm to 2500 mm. The smallest of precipitation falls in the city of Santo Domingo. The weather in the country is mostly dry and warm, but there are two rainy seasons in the year. The first begins in April and lasts until June, the second begins in September and lasts until November.

In the period from June to September, destructive tropical hurricanes may occur.   For tourists, the best time to visit the country is the period from November to April.