How to choose a good car video recorder

It may seem strange, but in order to choose the right DVR, first of all, you need to pay attention to its fastening. And this is not surprising. The DVR can be the most “sophisticated” but if it is not very successful in the car, then all efforts will be superfluous.

As a rule, all existing devices are produced with a fastening performed by “sticker” or “suction cup”. In the fastening of the “sticker” two -sided adhesive material is used. Fastening is quite reliable and hard. However, rearranging a DVR to another section of the windshield will be problematic.

When solving the question – which car video recorder to choose – it should be borne in mind that the fastening of the “suction cup” allows you to easily reinstall the device to any section of the windshield. At the same time, the reliability of the fastening is low and it may happen that at the most inopportune moment the DVR will simply fall down.

It is also necessary to select a device, the case of which is easily disconnected from the mount, which is necessary first of all to remove the DVR when storing a car in an unguarded parking lot. The case of the device should be compact, not closing a significant part of the review.

It is recommended to choose the black or dark gray color of the case, without chrome shiny parts. The DVR is not a device that should attract unnecessary attention, but rather be imperceptible and fulfill its purpose – fixing what is happening on the road.

To choose a good video recorder, check the presence of a built -in microphone. The microphone will help to fix the sounds of braking and impact in an accident (let’s hope that this function is not needed). In addition, during travel and filming of the surrounding attractions, it will be possible to accompany the video with your comments.

If the mounts of the mount and the device case are in satisfactory condition, then before choosing a car video recorder, you should study its technical characteristics – resolution, viewing angle and software and software. In the devices of SD resolutions, optics and sensor 1 are used.3 mpix, video clips are recorded in resolution of 640 x 480, up to 25 frames per second. As practice has shown, the quality of the recording is quite acceptable, but in the dark, sensitivity is insufficient. Sometimes the green light of the traffic light seems blue, although yellow and red are transmitted unchanged.

HD resolution devices record an image at a speed of about 30 frames per second. The quality of the recording is much higher, but when the car moves, it noticeably worsens. This is explained by the influence of any vibration on a high resolution and fastening features. As a rule, produced DVRs have a viewing angle of 90, 120 and 140 degrees. The best option is a viewing angle of 120 degrees, providing the effect of the presence in the car and the maximum review through the windshield.

When choosing a car video recorder, you should pay attention to the software. Inexpensive single -channel devices record the image in. AVI files that can be viewed on any computer. However, information about the location and the time of recording are absent. Multifunctional DVRs will help you to get additional service information that allow you to view videos synchronously with data on speed, position on the map, etc. D.