Wildberries and Ozon have become the most popular platforms for online shopping

Based on the results of 2023, Wildberries and Ozon entered the top ten of the world’s largest platforms by the number of visits for the first time.

Users most often visited Amazon, and Wildberries and Ozon took ninth and tenth places, respectively, with indicators of 343 and 316 million visits per month. This data was provided by Data Insight.

At the end of the year, Russia took first place in the growth of online retail sales, surpassing, for example, the Philippines, South Korea and the United States. The number of online orders in Russia increased by 78%, and the market volume in rubles increased by 44%.

In Russian e-com, a positive trend continues with shipments of goods to neighboring countries. Small and medium-sized manufacturers are taking the leading positions, says Mikhail Konev, head of Boxberry in the CIS. According to his data, the top purchases include books, cosmetics, perfumes, clothing and shoes. The most active buyers are in Belarus and Kazakhstan; interest in Russian online stores is growing among residents of Armenia.