Small excursion to the country Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the largest and diversified states in Europe. As a land border between the East and the West, the country Ukraine was the desired territory for foreign invasions throughout its history. These invasions, sometimes enriched the culture of the country, and sometimes exploited and ruined the country. The main attractions of Ukraine are the beauty of nature and the richest history.

The sights of Ukraine

Possessing a huge territory, having incredibly diverse landscapes, rich cult and secular history, multinational people, the country Ukraine offers its guests a large number of sights. Particular attention should be paid to such as:

Golden Gate of Kyiv, the only part of the city, preserved from the 10th century;

cave monasteries of Kyiv, standing at the origins of the Orthodox Church;

Sophia Cathedral, which contains unique frescoes and icons;

Opera Theater, Museum of Arts and the Museum of History – the main cultural objects of the capital;

Citadel Kamenetz-Podolsky-a medieval miracle located on a high rock;

The city of Lviv is a wonderful open -air museum, combining architecture in the style of Gothic, Baroque, Renesassans and Rococo;

The Potemkin staircase that glorified Odessa, the most cosmopolitan city of Ukraine;

The Libyan Palace in Yalta, where Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met in 1945 to reconstruct the old map of Europe;

Bukovel, Dragobrat, Slavskoye, Yaremcha – the main resorts of the Carpathians;

Dnieper and Dniester rivers, with quiet waters and green shores.

National cuisine of Ukraine

Thanks to the use of numerous ingredients, Ukrainian cuisine is very tasty. Her traditional dishes are: lard, borscht, dumplings and deerunes – potato pancakes. Country Ukraine is known for its festive dishes: sweet Easter cakes, karavi at weddings, cabbage rolls for Christmas. A popular drink in Ukraine is kvass, which is sold everywhere on the street, as well as Gorilka – moonshine made of various products, depending on the region of the country.

Weather in Ukraine

Weather in the gigantic territory of Ukraine depends on its regions. In winter, temperatures drop to minus 15 degrees in the north and in the Carpathians, and to minus 5 in Crimea. Summer temperatures can reach 30-35 degrees in the south and up to 30 in the northern regions. In the winter, the country of Ukraine, its large territory, is covered with snow, which has a beneficial effect on the popularity of ski resorts.