Laos – the country of temples and rice

Having a long communist history, the country of Laos more and more attracts travelers from around the world, attracting them with its unique attractions. Most of them are limited to the capital of Wentine, but those who make more efforts will find a truly beautiful sight, friendly people and a unique nature that has almost not changed over the past decade.

The attractions of Laos

Of course, the most interesting thing in Ventiana is its colonial French architecture and numerous Buddhist temples that framed the fertile plains of the Mekong River basin. The cultural and religious center of Luang Prabang is listed in the UNESCO lists and is located between the Mekong and Khan rivers. He boasts 33 complexes of temples in which about 1000 monks live. The mysterious camp of the jugs near Fonswan is filled with hundreds of clay jugs, each of which weighs about 6 tons. Legend says that they were used to ferment rice wine in the 6th century, which was prepared to celebrate military victories.

Wat Hieng Tong (Wat Xieng Thong) is considered one of the most impressive Laos chroma. Awarded with colored glass and gold, the temple witnessed how Luangprabang was the royal capital. Another attraction of this place is the palace that contains works of art and many gifts of the former kings of such an ancient state as Laos country. The most famous natural attractions are the caves of Pak OU, there is Ting (Tham Ting) and there Pun, full of images of the Buddha, which are hundreds of years old.

Laos national cuisine

The main product of Laos is a sticky rice called sweet rice. Laos country uses two types of food: rice and dishes that are served to the rice. The rest of the products serve as seasoning more, therefore, very often are very sharp. The most popular dishes: kai-lao are a chicken in rice, som-mu-a kind of sauer sausage, Clam-Tuk-beef salad with herbs, as well as delicacies made of meat of deer, lizards and snakes.

Laos’s weather

The hottest months in Laos are April and May, when the heat reaches 35 degrees, and the coldest and, accordingly, the most comfortable for tourism, are December and January, when it colds up to 27 degrees. But this is not the final forecast of the weather, because the temperature changes significantly depending on the heights with which the Laos country is not deprived.