How and where the LED ribbons are used

You need to perform a spectacular and unusual backlight from modern materials? Now this is not a problem, due to a large choice in the garland market and other illumination elements. True, every day, more and more new types of backlights appear and LED ribbons are a characteristic example. What is LED backlight and what functions it performs? This type of backlight belongs to alternative species that appeared on the market recently, as a result of using innovative technologies. This technology has found its widespread use when performing the design of interior design, as well as an excellent element for the design of external objects.

Using LED ribbons, an illumination of advertising signs, walls, doors, windows is performed. It has the form of a flexible printed circuit board, on which the LEDs with different power, as well as different sizes are placed very tightly. Regarding the number of LEDs placed on the tape, it should be said that it all depends on the size of the tape itself, since the larger the size of the tape itself, the correspondingly the larger number of LEDs on it is located. Thus, on the tape can be from 30 to 240 LEDs.

No matter the fact that this type of backlight on the market appeared recently, he has already found a large number of his fans. So LED ribbons are often used, as an option for illuminating various interiors, as well as houses. Using these materials, they highlight the ceilings, both stretch and which consist of complex structures made of drywall, in addition, they are used as a backlight of a variety of niches, etc. D. High light power contributes to the fact that LED tape is often used for basic lighting.