Marshalls of the island – exotic paradise for underwater adventures

The Pacific Country of Marshallovs is collected from isolated atolls and islands scattered between Australia and Hawaii. They are a favorite place for professional divers, thanks to the coral reefs and wealth of marine life. It is proved that at least 160 types of corals live near the islands. Such exotic trees as fiery hibiscus grow on the islands, and uninhabited atolls are famous for their colorful plantations of papaya and coconut, pandanus and bread.

The sights of the Marshalls

The first stop in the Marshall Islands should be the city of Ebeye or, as it is also called Majuro, which is interesting to its original architecture, not like a well -known style. The former capital of Loils boasts excellent conditions for diving and the exotic of its flora and fauna. From here, excursions to the atolls of Malolava and Milli (Mili) are organized, where under water you can explore the remains of ships that drowned during the Second World War.

In addition, local hotels and local Marshalls Billfish Club (Marshalls Billfish Club) organize fascinating fishing expeditions and exciting fishing competitions. The country of the Marshalls of the island and an interesting museum has, in which you can get acquainted with local history and cultural traditions of the Marshall Islands.

National cuisine of the Marshall Islands

Visiting the Marshalls of the island, tourists will open a variety of kitchen with delicacies that reflect the country’s cultural heritage. Traditional culinary delicacies are: pumpkin with coconut milk, fruits of bread with coconut milk and bananas, bananas with coconut pulp. Coconut milk is also the main drink of the islands. Surrounded by the ocean, the country of the Marshalls of the island uses many species of fish in its dishes. Tuna is particularly popular. Restaurants of islands, in addition to local delicacies, offer a huge variety of dishes from Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Indian cuisine.

Weather on the Marshall Islands

Plus 27 degrees is an average temperature mark on the Marshall Islands. Small cooling, up to 20 degrees, is observed in the autumn and spring months, and in the summer it can warm up to 30-31 degrees. Another feature that the country of the island is distinguished is the same temperature of the day and night. Although, in winter, the temperature is 2-4 degrees higher than at night. Water temperature-20-23 degrees.