How to find the ceiling yourself: what to take into account

We all know that there is a wide variety of ceiling coatings, but still in the most simple and cheaper way to refresh the ceiling is whitewashing. Unlike other ceiling coatings, whitewashing is carried out easily, without unnecessary costs and effort. The most important before whitewashing is to decide with which solution you will whiten. There are not many types of whitewashing here.

There are only two of them (chalk and lime whitewashing). Any of the options is possible, well, if the ceiling was covered with lime, then chalk should not be used, because spots and stains may form. Well, let’s start preparing the mixture. If you decide to whiten chalk, you will need slightly warm water, carpentry glue, sifted chalk and blue. In order to lead ten square meters, it is necessary about five liters of water, thirty grams of glue, three kilograms of chalk and about twenty grams of blue. By the way, now they often began to demolish houses, usually specialists are engaged in this.

The readiness of the resulting mixture for use can be checked as follows. You need to take one item from metal, put it for a couple of minutes in the solution. If white is flowing from it, then you poured a lot of water and the solution must be done thoroughly. But if you decide to lead your ceiling with lime, you will be needed: bastard lime (three kilograms), aluminum kvass (two hundred grams), salt (seventy to eighty grams) and water) and water). We take a small amount of water and dissolve the light in it, add aluminum kvass. We mix all this well and add a little water to get ten liters.

An important point in whitewash with lime is that the ceiling should be slightly moist so that the solution lies well. Next, it is necessary to eliminate all defects on the ceiling, after which you can begin to whiten. You can whiten differently (with a spray or manually). The easiest way, of course, whiten the spray. They can make a layer thicker, unlike manual whitewashing. This method of whitewashing helps to hide all the irregularities on the ceiling. It is important to monitor drops on the ceiling when white (they should not be), because then they form stains. There is nothing difficult here. You need to train and gain skills each time.