Top unusual bridges

Since ancient times, people needed to move from one shore to another, and just for this bridges were invented. At first, these devices served just for convenience in everyday life, but soon people began to show interest in them and come up with new forms, views and made so that bridges began to bring not only benefits, but also aesthetic pleasure. So, having flipped through a slightly Guinness Book and a collection on the Internet, you can make an top of unusual bridges and talk about where they are and for what they serve.

The Tsindao Bridge Bridge through Pondchartrain first place in its length and uniqueness is occupied by the bridge over the bay of Jijujou – the Tsindao bridge (Jiaozhou Bay Bridge). This grandiose building is located in China and connects the cities of Tsindao with Juando. Its length is 41, 58 km, and only 2, 3 million were spent on construction. dollars. This longest marine bridge in the world, which has eight lanes. In the first place in the TOP Bridges you can also put a dam through Lake Ponchartrane – a bridge over Ponchartrain. This miracle of architecture is located in the USA, Louisiana and is the second largest bridge, which is built above the water. He connects the cities of Mandeville and Metayri with two parallel roads 38, 42 km long., which are supported by 9,000 concrete piles. The bridge was finally opened in 1969, and 56 million were spent on its construction. dollars.

The Royal Bridge of the Heavenly Bridge in the top of the bridges is occupied by two pedestrian hanging bridges that cause a storm of different emotions from admiration to surprise and fear. The first is Royal Gorge 366 m long and 321 m high, which is located in the USA, Colorado. The bridge was lined with boards and passes over the large canyon of the Arkansas River. In the 60s, Royal Gorge – the Royal Bridge was recognized as a “suicide bridge”, but at the beginning of 20v. have gained popularity among extremes that jump down with a tank with a rubber cable. The second is worth noting – the heavenly bridge on the island of Langkavi in ​​Malaysia.   It is included in the cable car system, which lifts people 712 m to the top of Mount Mate Chichan. Bridge 125 m long. has a semicircle shape and passes over hills and cliffs.

Bridge Water Crossroads of Moses Bridge is occupied by truly unusual bridges, which are considered water. This is Magdeburg-the bridge of the Water Crossroads built in the early 90s on the Elba River in Germany as a bridge-channel or a shipping bridge. Its width is 32 m, and the depth is 4 m, which is enough to pass small vessels. The bridge is located above the river at an altitude of 90 m. and has two pedestrian paths. And Moses Bridge in the Netherlands. This bridge is unusual in that, passing through the moat, it is below the water level and almost all is in the water, recalling the prophet Moses. It is practically invisible from afar, and only nearby you can see a narrow path made of wood, which tears the moat into two parts.

Henderson’s Bridge Bridge Bridge on balloons also in the top of unusual bridges include Henderson Waves in Singapore – Henderson’s wave bridge. This bridge is 274 m long., which connects two parks, attracts attention with its amazing design. From afar it resembles a pipe, in fact, it is decorated with zigzags made of wood, which form the so -called niches, where there are benches and tables for relaxation.

It would be stupid not to add a bridge on balloon, which is a decoration above a small pond in the bridge.

To grow bridges of the Ponte Vecko bridge, but in Indian villages, people learned literally – to grow bridges. They have created devices that can direct the roots of the rubber picus trees anywhere. Such bridges are very stable and withstand weight more than 300 kg. There are many more similar buildings that attract and surprise.

But this top of unusual bridges is closed by Ponte Vecchio – the Ponte Vecko bridge, on which people live. This is one of the oldest bridges of Florence, which was opened in 1345. Residential buildings are located on both sides of the bridge, and in the center there is a platform where you can admire the beauty of Florence.