The country of Tonga is a monarchy on 176 islands

One of the last absolute monarchies, the country of Tonga consists of 176 islands, most of which are uninhabited. Almost the entire life of the country is concentrated on the islands of Tongga, Eua (EUA), Ha’apai (Ha`apai), Vava’u, Niuatoputapu, Niuafo (Niuafo). Great beaches and coral reefs are the main attractions of the archipelago, although there are many more interesting places here.

The attractions of the tons

The Royal Palace Victoria and the royal tombs are the most interesting objects of the capital of Tong, the city of Nuku`alofa. 18 kilometers from it, the city of Kolovy (Nuku`alofa) is located, whose beaches: ha’atafu (ha`atafu) and monotapu (Monotapu) are considered the best. Here you can see such exotic mammals as flying foxes and giant bats, whose wingspan is one meter.

On the east side of the island, you can visit the tombs of Langi (Langi), as well as 4-meter stone blocks installed in honor of the spiritual kings in 1200. Another mysterious attraction is also located near the capital: the underground cave Anahulu, which is not recommended to the entrance to which. The main city of Ha’Apai Island is Pangai, next to which colorful beaches with snow -white sand spread out, and on the island of Vava’u you can find a hotel, motel, several beaches and 4 guest houses.

National cuisine Tonga

Restaurants with national, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Thai cuisine can be found in the hotels of the archipelago. Of course, the country of tons of exotic dishes, which are distinguished by a special taste and, even, the smell. UFI – a dish of yams root, lu pulu – meat pickled in coconut milk, prepared in an underground furnace, Feke – octopus or squid on grill, OTA – raw fish pickled in lemon juice. Loves the country Tongga holidays, during which natives try up to 30 types of various dishes. Not all foreign tourists withstand this torture with gluttony.

Weather on the tons

Since the country of Tonga is very elongated from south to north, the climate of some islands is different. On the northern islands, the temperature remains within the framework of 26-30 degrees all year, and on the southern, and hotter and land. This does not apply to water temperature, which differs by 1-2 degrees: 21 – in June, 29 – in September. From May to November, the archipelago is blowing up the southeastern passats who bring the long-awaited coolness.