Chic castle Marienburg in Germany

On 39th birthday, King Georg Fifth Hanoversky made his wife a gorgeous gift-Marienburg Castle in Germany. Until 1867, Queen Maria lived here, and after her exile, for almost 80 years, he was empty. Today he is the private property of Hanover’s Chamber and is recognized as one of the most colorful attractions of Germany.

Location. Marienburg Castle is located in the Gannover region in Marieberg in Germany, in the south-west of the Earth Shelenburg. To the south of the castle is the Nordstemmen community. The castle, along with the Nordstemman railway station, form a whole architectural ensemble.

Marienburg castle in Germany

Description. Today, Marienburg Castle is the venue for official events by the Hanover Chamber, and 15 of its rooms are given to the museum. Excursions are held through the rooms where Queen Maria and her daughter once lived. The queen’s noble treasures were taken out of the castle, but the delightful architecture remained with him. A beautiful interior, neo -Gothic furniture made by Edwin Oppler, as well as windows decorated with unique stained glass windows, give some idea of ​​the past wealth of the castle. From the height of the Marieburg castle, a charming panorama of the Lane Valley opens, which caresses with incredible colors, especially in spring and autumn.