How to align the ceiling with drywall and putty with your own hands

You can align the ceiling with your own hands in two ways:

– using plaster and putty;

– Using drywall.

It is possible to align the ceiling with putty in cases where there are no large bulges, pits, cracks and so on. If the ceiling is more or less even, but there are large cracks, then you can use the plaster.

When there are large irregularities on the ceiling or its difference exceeds 5 cm., then to align the ceiling with drywall is the most correct solution.

To begin with, we will tell you how to correctly align the ceiling with plaster and putty.

Preliminary preparation

First you should clean the ceiling from old material. After the bare surface, it is necessary to primed so that putty or plaster is better grasped with the surface. If irregularities exceed 3 cm., then the ceiling is better to reinforce. To do this, fill the metal mesh, which is attached with screws or dowels. In this case, only plaster can be used.

We align the ceiling with plaster

How to align the ceiling with plaster? Everything is simple, just like the walls. Cook a mixture of cement and sand, in a ratio of one to three, add water and mix. Put the mixture to the surface and press it with a grater.

If irregularities within 3-5 cm., then you should not align the ceiling at a time. You need to wait until the first layer dries (usually a day), then throw the second layer, the third, etc. D. Otherwise, not having time to grab the surface, plaster under the influence of one’s own severity will fall off.

We align the ceiling with putty

As mentioned above, if the irregularities are small, you can neglect the plaster. Even if the ceiling is pre -plastered, it must be sparkled, since the plaster could not perfectly leve the surface.

Depending on the size of the irregularities, the surface puts in two or three stages. Between each stages the ceiling must be fanned and cleaned of dust. The last stages will be a layer of finish putty, the thickness of which should not exceed 2 cm. She is able to create an almost perfect and smooth surface.

We align the ceiling with drywall

The essence of the method is that drywall sheets are attached to the frame, which subsequently put down, and the surface becomes perfectly flat.

The first stage of work is the installation of profiles around the entire perimeter of the ceiling. For fastening, plastic dowels and screws are used. Then it is determined how the sheets will be attached so that less waste comes out. After that, a frame of profiles is created. They should be fixed so that the distance between them does not exceed 60 cm.

The second stage is the fastening of sheets to the frame. At least three people should participate in this process: two submit a sheet and adhere to it, the third is fastened with drywall with screws. The distance between the screws should be approximately 20 cm. Previously, the edges of the drywall and profile must be treated with PVA glue to improve the mount.

The third stage – gluing painting tape and putty. The places where drywall is joined, it is necessary to glue with masking tape. In these places, putty does not grasp the material well and, subsequently, falls off, which leads to the formation of cracks and damage to the repair. After the sticker, the surface puts down with the finish putty. One layer is enough.

Now you can consider yourself real craftsmen and start aligning the ceiling.