A new word in French architecture – chambers castle

Renaissance in France, Castle Chamber is a work of architects Denis Surdo and Pierre Nerva. The general concept of the castle has Italian roots, but went through the personality filter of King Francis the first and some strong local trends. They say that Leonardo da Vinci also put his hand in compiling the first sketches of the castle.

Location. In France, a country with a rich history and glorious architectural traditions, there are thousands of castles. One of the most grandiose is located in Shambor, an hour and a half drive from Paris, being the largest lock of the Loire Valley. His name is the chambers castle.

Castle Shambor

Description. The sizes of the chambers castle are impressive: the facade has156 meters in length and 56 meters in height, and the wall has a length of 32 kilometers. It was developed as a real fortress, with dungeons and massive towers. The Sherbor Castle complex consists of a large rectangular case surrounded on all sides with protective fortifications with cylindrical corner towers. Plotted to one of the long sides and occupying most of the courtyard, the main corps rises, with 4 round towers in the corners. Four large living space, with rooms at each level, form a cross -shaped plan. At the intersection of the parts of the cross is the famous spiral staircase. The concept and central position of the stairs were the discovery for France. It will become a very fashionable area of ​​architecture in subsequent periods of French construction.