How to independently repair a leaked roof

How to repair a leap roof

The roof that suddenly gave a leak is one of the most common problems of those that await the owners of private houses. Even the use of reliable modern roofing materials does not exclude it completely. Moisture getting into ceilings or interior partitions can cause a short circuit of the wiring, so it is advisable to start the repair of the roof of the house without tightening the time. Moreover, you can cope with it on your own, and in what sequence and what to do, this article will tell.

Identification of the place of leaks

Regardless of the type of roof and the type of roofing material used, the repair should begin with determining the leakage site. At the same time, it is impossible to focus only on flowing on the walls or the ceiling of the ceiling. Sometimes before getting to residential premises, water makes an intricate trajectory and a long way along the rafters or inside the attic. Therefore, the repair of the roof of the house in the event of its leaks should begin with an inspection of the roof itself and the attic.

Having found a moist place, it should be designated, in order to then easily find. An ordinary chalk is suitable for this. Having outlined the traces of leaks, you will immediately decide on the approximate arrangement of damage in the roof. How an independent repair of the roof of the house in such situations should be carried out? It depends on the type of roofing material.

Roofing roof from metal tiles

The most common defect in this type of coating is the clearances under the skate or in the places of connection of sheets. You can eliminate them, armed with a special roofing sealant. The potential danger is hidden by scratches on the surface of the sheets of metal tiles, capable of leading to corrosion, and then to the formation of small through holes.

The regular inspection of the roof and the preventive repair of the roof of the house in case of detection of damaged places helps to avoid this. This easy repair is to paint defects. If there is already rust or hole around the scratch, a more serious intervention is required: laying the patch with a soldering iron with a preliminary cleaning of the area with a skin and degreasing the surface.

Lakes in a roof of metal tiles can also appear due to deformation or destruction of rubber washers used to compact the places of fastening sheets with self-tapping screws. Having discovered such damage, you need to disassemble the fasteners and make the replacement of the seals.

Roof repair from metal corrugated board

The most common defect in metal profiled flooring is rust. Over time, she eats an iron sheet, thereby leading to leaks. The elimination of such holes is carried out by an ordinary soldering iron. The places affected by corrosion are cleaned with a metal brush, the surface is processed with special products to improve soldering, after which the hole is sealed.

In the case when too large the area is affected by rust, panting will not help. The only possible solution is to replace the sheet of corrugated board.

Repair of slate roof

Slate – fragile and not resistant to mechanical influences material. Over time, small cracks form on its sheets that pass moisture inside the roof. These defects are eliminated in two ways. The first implies the use of a solution of 2 parts of sifted sand and 1 part of dry cement. After applying the mixture to cracks and its drying, the renovated place is painted with paint under the tone of the slate. The second, more modern and simple method consists in applying a butyl-cocked adhesive tape to the sheet of slate.

Repair of tile roofs

The leaky roofing of the tile roof most often leads to the gradual destruction of the cement tiles applied to the joints. Repair of the roof of the house in such situations is to smear problem areas with a special solution. A solution is prepared from 2 parts of sand, 1 part of lime and a small amount of linen pack. Before applying the composition, you need to extract an old putty.

It is important! Whatever coating is repaired, work should be carried out in dry warm weather and in compliance with all the necessary precautions.