Romania – the country of monasteries, mamalygs and Count Dracula

“The Latin Island in the Sea of ​​the Slavs“ or the country of Romania is the largest state in the Balkans. Several empires left their mark on its territory: the Risa, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, Russian. Today, its capital, the city of Bucharest, is called the “city of concrete and became”, but more recently, it had the nickname “Little Paris”. If the city is carefully investigated, you can notice the remains of that golden period.

The attractions of Romania

In Bucharest is the second largest building in the world (after the Pentagon) – the house of the people. The most colorful streets of the capital: the Victory Road (Calea Victoriei), Karl the Great Boulevard, the road of Dedov (Calea Mosilor) and Kiselev Street will introduce its most interesting sights. Near Bucharest are other interesting tourist facilities. For example: Mogosoia (mogosoaia), buffet (Buftea), Heresti (Heresti), Snagov monasteries (Snagov), Blueberries (Cernica), Pasarea, Caldarusani (Caldarusani), Tiganesti (Tiganesti).

Monasteries, the country of Romania is very rich. The most impressive are such cult attractions as Voronet (Voronet), bitch (susevita), Moldovita (Moldovita) and Humor (Humor). History lovers must visit Constanta’s port city, based on our era. Archaeological monuments of Histria (Histria), Tomis (Tomis) and Callatis found their refuge here. The main natural attraction of Romania is the Carpathians, where the equipped resorts are located, such as Brashov Brasov (Poiana Brasov) and Sinaia (Sinaia), as well as medieval castles, among which the Bran Castle, where Vlad Tepes lived, the prototype of the immortal Dracula.

National cuisine of Romania

Romanian cuisine is an integral part of European cuisine, so many dishes are similar to dishes of neighboring countries. Of course, the main national food is Mamalyga, which the Romanians eat instead of bread with borsch and milk, with sour cream and broinza, with scrambled eggs and slopes. Is the country of Romania and a well -known producer of wines, but this product is inferior in quality and taste virtues to neighboring, Moldavian. A generally recognized alcoholic drink is a tsuka, which is similar to Russian vodka, but is inferior to it in the fortress.

Weather in Romania

The Central European country Romania offers the moderately-concentral type of climate. Summer temperatures here reach 30 degrees of heat, and winter – 10 degrees of frost. Snow is a frequent guest in the country, especially in the Carpathians, which is fascinated by a winter vacation in local ski resorts. On the Black Sea coast in the summer is warm, so it is pleasant and comfortable to relax at the Black Sea resorts of Romania.