What are decorative bulk floors

Color bulk floors are often used in repairs of suburban apartments or houses. They have an elastic base, inside which you can realize the decorative composition of the all kinds of color scheme.

When you use floor tiles or laminate, intermediate seams darken over time and all kinds of small garbage penetrates them. Continuous coverage of the bulk floor is deprived of this drawback, t. K has no joints.

Compared to linoleomum, laminate or tiles, decorative floors win to preserve heat, durability and variety of colors. Combining reliability and strength, these floors allow you to realize any design ideas and so are very in demand.

To implement a transparent bulk floor, you need to prepare a mineral base, which is one of the most important factors in the device of these floors. Future quality characteristics of the bulk floor depend on well -carried out preparatory work.

Initially, if there are cracks and shrinkage seams in the concrete base, they must be close. After that, using the industrial vacuum cleaner, we are the seams and fill in a special sealant. At the end of the work, we glue the surface with fiberglass and sprinkle with quartz sand. We remove excess sand. When the concrete is saturated with a primer, its scraping with the following and main layers of polymer coating will improve.