I want an apartment? I’m going to the monolith!

More recently, mass housing construction was carried out only in panel and brick options. Today, choosing an apartment in a new building, many are faced with various designs.

Not only with those indicated just above, but also with monolithic, frame-monolithic, block, frame-block and others. Eyes simply scatter, and the brain boils from information. Let’s look at two new types of buildings-frame-block and monolithic. Basically, these two types are used in a close relationship with each other.

Compared to standard buildings of the “last century”, they have a number of advantages: noise – and thermal insulation in them is much better than the predecessors. Basically, one and another type provides apartments with a free layout: a sort of adult designer “Make the apartment yourself”.

Similar houses are comfortable – and business class, so the systems and equipment used in them are also worth a lot of money and is brought mainly from Western countries. In almost every house, an autonomous system of notification and evacuation management is installed, called to ensure fire safety of the house. It is established taking into account many factors: the specifics of the premises, the flow of movement during evacuation, the area of ​​the building and many others.

But there is a small but expensive minus of frame-monolithic and block houses-in the most part, the apartments are unusually large, and the cost per square meter one and a half exceeds the cost of the panel. Accordingly, the cost of the apartment, in general, will be higher than the usual eye of the new building from the panels.

I want an apartment? I’m going to the monolith!

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