How to check the correctness of the manufacture of a sash of a plastic window

To start an independent check, it is required to carry out a simple diagnosis. Only roulette is needed for this.

1) Remove the size (height and width) from the wings in millimeters.

2) measure the diagonals from the lower and upper loops.

3) open the sash and similarly p.2 Measured diagonals from the outside.

4) compare the scores of the plastic window with each other. In this case, the diagonal from the upper should be less than the diagonal from the lower loop. The difference between the diagonals is the installation of heating, 1.5 mm. Example. If, as a result of measurements, the length from the lower loop is 1400 millimeters, then from the upper loop the diagonal should be2 millimeters, that is, approximately 1398. In the manufacture of wings, the manufacturer had to establish such a difference. This is done so that the open -barrel does not sag under its mass. In the open position, the size from the lower loop should match the size of the upper diagonal. If the data obtained does not coincide, then it will not work to adjust the PVC windows independently. This rule is not observed by many dishonest manufacturers. Do not forget to check the installation of heating. Some manufacturers do not suspect its existence. The probability of manufacturing such structures is approximately 30%.