Installation of garage gates: the main provisions

Regardless of whether you want to purchase an automatic gate or to make them manually, to start, you need to assess the garage. Installation of garage gates of one type or another is not possible in all rooms. You need to find out what criteria for buying a gate of various types. The article will list the main sizes by which you can choose a particular design of the gate, based on the individual installation conditions.

The first indicator includes the width and height of the garage opening. To the second – the height of the triber. The minimum distance of the triber for sectional gates is a segment of 20 centimeters long. To the third – the distance from the walls to the edge of the opening.

Each variety of the gate has its own restrictions on width and height, however, for a standard garage, any kind of gate is usually suitable.

The main criteria for choosing a gate:

– The degree of thermal insulation, only for heated garages;- the degree of tightness, the higher it is, the better the garage will resist bad weather;- level of protection against hacking;- possibilities of design modifications.