Tips for increasing space and decoration

The main feature of the Khrushchev corridors is small -sized. Create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere in the corridor, where there is little place possible, even making independent repairs.

And this article will help you. From it you will learn which materials to select for repair, how to decorate, illuminate and visually increase a tight corridor.

Repair of the corridor in Khrushchev: we increase the space and select materials

We set the main task in the repair of an uncomfortable and close corridor – to maximize the space and visually expand the room.

There should not be extra piles in the Khrushchev corridor. From furniture, choose only a wardrobe in which clothes and shoes will be placed. There should not be any extra nightstands, ottomans and chairs.

The choice of material

It is better to make the ceiling with glossy, stretch. This will abstractly make it 10-20 cm above the natural ceiling. Do not experiment with color, give preference to white.

The floor can be made laminated, natural tones and shades of wood. The lines are smooth, without rounding angles.

In the Khrushchev apartment, to create the maximum abstract increase in space, the floor is made of one material, one color and shade.

We will either paint the walls or give preference to wallpaper. Do not decorate and decorate the walls of a small corridor stucco or embossed plaster.

Color choose white, light green or saturatedly yellow. Abstract paintings, a narrow mirror in full height are suitable for decorating the wall.

Choosing lighting and decorating the corridor in Khrushchevka


Use the main and additional lighting. Install a chandelier with mirror plates and many additional lamps in the ceiling or in the wall next to the ceiling.

Do not forget about the lamp over the mirror.


The decoration of the Khrushchev corridor cannot be overdoed, otherwise unnecessary piles will be obtained. Everything is worth considering to the smallest detail.

The wall should definitely hang a longitudinal mirror, as mentioned above. Many spotlights at the ceiling, you can use color backlight, for example, blue.

In the corner, put a narrow and high vase with artificial branches of sakura or peacock color feathers. You can put a decorative stand for long umbrellas instead of a vase, this will also give a special charm to the room.

The input rug should fit the style and color to the corridor!

Using the tips described above, you will manage to create an abstract increase in the small space of the corridor, as well as create a special impression at the entrance.

The coziness and goodwill of the Khrushchev corridor are guaranteed!