Building technology

Despite the fact that some assure the completion of the economic crisis in Russia, it has not yet ended in construction activities. Therefore, it is very difficult to build a house from scratch. There is only one way out in this situation – to reduce construction costs, but this should not affect the quality of the building. This technology allows you to save, abandoning expensive technology.

New economical and promising technology provides fast construction of residential buildings. This method consists in a modular approach. The module is a volume composed of walls and ceilings. When assembling it is processed outside and inside, then the windows and doors are inserted.

It remains only to bring the module to the place of construction, install on the prepared foundation, fix it and it is ready. This construction system is quite simple, saves time and money.

Such technologies also include a monolithic hard frame. Previously, it was used for the construction of high -rise buildings. Advantages of this technology: reliability, stability, service life of a building up to 200 years. Also, the advantage is free layout and redevelopment.

The following new technology is the use of large thermal efficient blocks in the construction of large. The block will help to build buildings in the smallest time, and it also guarantees durability and reliability.

The construction of frame houses also refers to modern construction technology. This technology allows you to build a wonderful and comfortable house in a short time, with a minimum cost. The main advantage of technology is the reduction of expensive lifting equipment and a fast building of the frame house.