Corner drill – we get acquainted with the variety of functions for the right choice

A pneumatic corner drill is a good assistant when drilling in hard -to -reach places. Divided into: compact (battery) and voluminous. Each is intended for certain types of work. Below we will describe this tool, as well as give recommendations for operation.

How to choose a corner drill?

Video – Features of the Corner Drill

When choosing a tool, it is important to pay attention to certain characteristics. What are these parameters? Firstly, the type of drill is selected. It can be: voluminous and compact (battery). The first is used during all kinds of construction work. The second for the manufacture and assembly of furniture and appliances. Secondly, they look at the weight of a drill that should not be more than 1.6 kg. The tool is always in hand. They should not get tired of the strong severity of the device.

Thirdly, a design involving the maximum plane of the case. This will allow more comfortable and convenient to hold the tool in your hands, and will also provide the best penetration into the most inaccessible places. The convenient placement of buttons and control levers is also important. Fourthly, the power of the tool (usually up to 350 watts). The uninterrupted work of the drill depends on it. Fifth, number of revolutions per minute. Sixth, look at a small angular size (amounts to 23 mm).

Plus everything when choosing, of course, pay attention to the brand. Of the most famous manufacturers, highlight: Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, Makita. It was they who have established themselves among consumers and are very popular. So, drills from the brand of Dewalt and Bosch are equipped with all kinds of functions that simplify the work. In addition, they are reliable, simplicity and ease of use. Makita brand produces durable and high -quality devices. In the price category, the cheapest drills from DEWALT are considered the cheapest, and then go from Bosch and Makita.

What additional parameters can a corner drill have?

Battery angular drill – video

In addition to the listed characteristics, the corner battery drill has a number of additional options. They help to carry out work easier and faster. We will describe some of them.

Reverse in the device is necessary to free the stuck drill. There is a rotary and flag. The first has a more complex design and is placed on the engine. The second differs in a simpler design and is located above the button.

The pulse mode allows drilling without tilting. Also, with it, you can twist the fasteners. Only when using this regime it is worth remembering that it creates additional loads and wears out coal brushes and motor.

Speed ​​adjustment allows you to create the necessary mode of operation with one or another material. It is carried out using the wheel on the button or the button itself. Adjustment through the button is considered more reliable. Remember, it is not advisable to work at low speeds for a long time, since because of this the engine is overheated.

Three – and double -sided gearbox simplifies work in lower gears, as it increases power.

The possibility of regulating strikes allows you to work with various materials – concrete, brick.

Spindle lock is carried out when it is important to replace the drill. It is with the help of this function that the shaft in the engine is in the future.

The gearbox has a metal case, thanks to this it is quickly cooled. And this is very important when working with this drill.

Select the device according to the main characteristics and additional parameters and you will have the best drill for home and other conditions.

Recommendations for the use of corner drill

Pneumatic angular drill should be used in compliance with certain rules. First, read the instructions. It prescribes permissible operational indicators. Do not exceed them while working. Also observe the conditions for humidity and temperature. Excessive humidity is not recommended, as well as strong temperature changes. Before starting drilling, make sure that the processed area does not have any extraneous inclusions (fittings, wiring). The workpiece is properly fixed in the cartridge. In no case do not hold it in your hands! During operation, do not allow strong mechanical loads. Do not make large pressure, otherwise it will lead to jamming.

When processing solid materials, hold the device with two hands. Switching reverse with a running engine is prohibited. Also, you can’t lower the tool while the engine works. Turn it off and only then put on a flat surface. Well, the last thing to say – be careful with nozzles and choose the right cartridges. They are the following types: fast -and -packed plastic, key, fast -packed. The first reliable and durable, but they can only be used for wood and plastic. The second – high -quality, but not convenient to use. Third – are the most expensive, easy -to -use and reliable.