Qatar – a rich toy of the Middle East

Occupying the peninsula, which is in the waters of the Persian Gulf wealthy, the country of Qatar has one of the highest percent per capita income in the world. This wealth is reflected in enchanting projects that become unique attractions of the modern tourism industry.

The attractions of Qatar

Doha, probably the most attractive place for elite tourists, offers fashionable conditions for relaxation and entertainment. No less interesting is the cultural program of stay here – the Museum of Islamic Arts will offer the largest collection of works of art in the world. A lot of tourists spend time in Doha Corniche, which extends along the sea and dotted with hotels, restaurants, shops and beaches. A separate attraction is the island of Palm Island, full of entertainment.

Of course, not only the capital can please its guests of the country of Qatar. Fans of exoticism can make unique excursions to other interesting cities, fishing villages, sunbathe on amazing beaches, participate on camel run, to see picturesque reserves. Probably, the most popular attractions of Qatar are: the inner sea of ​​the choir al-Adaid, the horse farm al-Shaqab, Al-Wakrah town, ancient Alkhor (Alkhor), entertainment Park “Kingdom of Aldaladin “And the most popular Catar beach is the choir al-Udaid, which is distinguished by fantastic sand dunes that rise to a height of up to 40 meters.

National Kitara cuisine

Rice is the main food product of the inhabitants of Qatar. Usually it is fried, and only then used in food. In the process of frying, saffron is added to it so that the rice acquires yellow color. The main national delicacies are: Pita – the generally accepted bread of the country, Namour – Fish with rice. Since it is a marine power, the country of Qatar uses a wide variety of seafood, especially crustaceans, which in abundance occupy the coast.

Weather in Qatar

Soft winters, dry and hot summer, are the main characteristics of the weather weather. In the period from May to September, temperature marks can reach 50 degrees, and humidity – 90 percent. The coldest season lasts from December to March, when temperature readings reach 25-30 degrees of heat. At this time, the country of Qatar is most hospitable and comfortable.