Norway – Earth of the midnight sun

One of the northern territories of the old continent, the country of Norway, offers a unique experience, being the territory of traditions best represented in suburban wooden churches and folk dances. Local children grow up, listening to stories about trolls and fairies, and some adults, although they do not recognize this, still believe in fairy tales. Norway is the land of waterfalls, fast rivers, majestic mountains and glaciers, crystal-clear lakes, fjords and quiet fishing villages. Its northern coast is dotted with houses painted in bright colors, contrasting with the sobriety of mountains and fjords.

Sights of Norway

When visiting the capital, the city of Oslo, you should not lose sight of the beautiful collection of museums, such as: the Museum Tour Kherdal Konerdal, Museum Merciful and Museum of Viking boats. Also in Oslo be the Royal Palace (Konegelige Slott), open to visitors from June to August. A few minutes of walking from the city center, the Akershus Castle rises, where you can study the military past of the city, and the city of Holmenkollen is located above the city, which is the main winter attraction of Norway.

The former Hanseatic port of Bergen is surrounded by mountains, and his historical center is recorded in UNESCO lists. The city of Trondheim is very interesting – the former capital of the country. Nidaros Cathedral and Ringve Museum are its most interesting attractions. The country of Norway has many cult objects. In its southern region, it is possible to see 28 medieval churches, the oldest of which, Urnes, was built in 1130.

Norway National cuisine

Today, Norwegian cuisine boasts a wide variety, but, as in other countries, tourism leads to the internationalization of dishes. Most restaurants prefer an international cuisine, but the rural country of Norway will offer national dishes such as Rakfisk – a fermented fish, Pinnekjott – salty lamb ribs, Gammelost – Brynza cow. The new generation of chefs refers to the specifics of Norway, using the methods of classical French cuisine.

Weather in Norway

January and February are the best months to visit Norway by tourists who prefer winter holidays. Snow and temperatures of 2-5 degrees of frost allow you to actively and have fun in the country’s ski resorts. In the summer, the country of Norway does not suffer from strong heat. Temperatures can reach 20 degrees, which allows you to comfortably spend here, your summer vacation.