Blogger Smolova said that one video on YouTube brings her 150 thousand rubles

Popular Russian blogger Karina Smolova (nee Istomina) told how much YouTube videos bring her. She disclosed her income from filming videos in an interview with journalist Ksenia Sobchak, available on YouTube.

Smolova explained that we are talking about a YouTube channel about mental health, “It’s easier to cope,” which she runs together with psychologist Natasha Kadantseva. “We publish two issues a month. There are three integrations. From each issue we probably earn 300 thousand [rubles]. Then we cut it in half again, it turns out to be 150 [thousand rubles],” said the blogger.

She added that the most profitable project for her was the Telegram channel, which she initially did not treat as a serious media product. According to the blogger, the success of the channel came as a surprise to her.

Earlier, Smolova told how she received the ominous package. According to her, one day someone sent her an envelope containing a photo of her with her eyes gouged out and strands of hair. Smolova decided to burn the envelope with these contents.

The blogger became popular thanks to the YouTube show “Girlfriends,” in which the hosts discussed relationships, intimate life and feminism. The project “It’s easier to cope” was launched by Smolov and Kadantsev in 2021.