How to drill a hole in ceramic tiles

Currently, very many people ask a question how to drill a hole in ceramic tiles? After all, it often happens that in the facing tiles you need to drill a hole, which puts you in a hopeless position if you do not have special tools. Small holes in ceramic tiles are most often necessary in order to, for example, hang a shelf or install a socket. Want to know how to drill a hole and at the same time not spoil the tile? The difficulty lies in the fact that with its upper layer the tile looks like glass and in itself is very fragile and easily breaks. The drill has the ability of a strong blow and can quite easily break the tile. In addition, the drill can slide on the surface of the tile and ruin its appearance scratching the tile.

Make a hole in ceramic tiles, not splitting the tile is not so easy to date. To prevent this, then first make a small recess in ceramic tiles so that the drill does not slip and the tile does not scratch.

Use a drill with a special diamond tip, since its cutting edge is firm than the tile itself. To make a hole in the tile, attach the drill to the tile and gently hit a hammer several times to get a small pothole, just do not overdo it. Then you can only insert the drill into the drill and drill the hole of the required diameter. In addition, the most important point at this stage is not to forget to turn off the drill shock function so as not to smash the tile to smithereens. Only when you drill the tile itself, you can use another drill and turn on the shock function to drill the wall to the desired depth. I hope our article will help you make a hole in the tile without difficulty.