How to remove (delete, eliminate, remove) the smell from the refrigerator

Information on how to remove the smell from the refrigerator will not be superfluous even for the most accurate people who carefully monitor cleanliness in their kitchen and, in particular, in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, at some point, an unpleasant smell may appear in it all the same. After all, it is enough for some kind of product that only a little “litter” somewhere in the far corner and it can already cause the appearance of a far from the most pleasant “aroma”.

Moreover, even a completely new refrigerator can smell. To eliminate the smell from the refrigerator, which has just come to you from the store, it is often enough to simply wash it from the inside with a weak solution of ordinary soda. If it does not turn out to be at hand, then you can add a little vodka or ammonia to the water. After that, you need to leave the refrigerator with an open door for at least several hours, and only after that load products into it. No abrasive cleaning agents should be used, there will be no particular benefit from them, but scratches on the new apparatus will be provided to you.

It is much more difficult to get the smell from the refrigerator, which has already served you for several years. In this case, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse the drain hole thoroughly, since it very often collects all the dirt in itself, which is the source of an unpleasant odor. Do not forget, before starting to wash your refrigerator, turn it off. More often inspect the internal surfaces for the appearance of mold on them, the smell of which will be much more difficult to get out than to prevent its appearance.

Make sure that foods that are not wrapped in a food film or not closed to containers do not get into the refrigerator. This is especially true for raw meat. After all, it is almost impossible to insure yourself with such a trouble as turning off the electricity and from the subsequent defrosting of the refrigerator. Remove the smell from the refrigerator, which appeared there because of the bloody blood from melted meat that has been dug into the “secluded corner”, can provide a fairly difficult matter.

Of course, there are numerous folk methods that are able to cope with this problem with different effectiveness. For example, it helps to eliminate the smell from the refrigerator lemon. You can add its juice to the water for washing the refrigerator, or just leave this sour fruit chopped by slices on the shelf for several days. And lemon juice in combination with vodka, if they wipe the inner surfaces, acts no worse than many expensive special products for cleaning refrigerators.

Smells absorb well and products such as black bread or rice grains, as well as salt and sugar and even coffee in grains. True, a lemon forgotten in the refrigerator or pieces of bread, after a while they themselves can cause an unpleasant odor, as they will become covered with mold.

The simplest and most unreleal way to remove the smell from the refrigerator, or even prevent its appearance, is to use special absorbers, inside of which there is a sorbent (most often activated carbon). These simple and inexpensive devices in abundance are offered in retail chains. It is also possible to purchase air ozonators working from batteries.

The latter are interesting in that they prevent the very possibility of an unpleasant odor. Since the ozone they secreted destructively acts on bacteria, namely their reproduction and leads to the appearance of smells in the refrigerator. But you should know that inhalation of ozone is not recommended, since it is poisonous, however, we are talking about large concentrations. In addition, if the refrigerator door is constantly opened, then the action of the ozonator will not be too effective. Therefore, it makes sense to turn on this device, for example, at night or during the departure.