Features of the Turkish real estate market

Fun fact: in Antalya, the rental housing market has been turned upside down. Foreigners are to blame, as always.

What is the story: in Turkey it was common practice to rent out housing without furniture and other utensils. Visiting foreigners, on the contrary, demanded everything “turnkey”, right down to the forks and spoons.

And since they were willing to pay a lot of money for rent, the owners loaded the apartments with chairs, tables and stools.

Now the Turks, who have again become the “backbone” of tenants, but at the same time are accustomed to taking all the furniture with them, cannot find suitable housing.

Naturally, they don’t want to overpay for a used one either… Even though the rent of 1+1 (one-bedroom apartments) in Antalya has decreased from almost $1000 per month to $500.

So, those who want to rent a house in Antalya/Alanya, take note: now the owners are as accommodating as possible and are ready to make concessions. Both in terms of prices and the occupancy of the facility.