how to make repairs with your own hands?

If you bought housing in a new house, do not rush to start repair work. So, first, calculate the repair of a new building turnkey price per square meter with materials. If you purchased housing without special decoration, make a list of what you want to realize in reality. First, imagine a draft version of the apartment – a concrete box with a bare floor, walls and ceiling. There is no plumbing in the bathroom, and windows and doors resemble a budget option in some office-this is the usual type of apartment in a new building.

Advantages and disadvantages of independent repair

Starting the repair yourself, you will save a decent amount. This is especially true if one of your relatives or friends has experience in construction work. As a result, you get the same quality, only for less money.

The services of a professional brigade Domus will cost you more, but all work will be done much faster. Of course, if you trust yourself more than professionals, then you should carry out part of the finishing work on your own.

Apartment repair in a new building is a complex and long -term process that requires certain knowledge and skills. Layout, calculation of expenses, preparation of documents – all this can be done quite independently.

Agree that extra help will not hurt. Make friends with your neighbors, ask for advice from acquaintances or friends, and also do not forget about construction literature. At least starting to repair the apartment in a new building, you will enlist the help of loyal friends and repair manuals.

Tips for beginner builders

If you first do the decoration of the premises, pay attention to such a moment. Cracking plaster, uneven floor, deformed wall panels – all these are signs of shrinkage. Most of the building materials change properties along with the supporting structures of the house – the ceiling, walls and even the floor. Therefore, try to carry out repairs in a new building 2-3 years after the survey of the facility.

If you want to start work immediately after buying an apartment, select materials only with additional protection. So, the wallpaper should be on a fabric base, the ceilings are best chosen by stretch, and as a floor covering you need to use natural wood or parquet board.