Country Singapore – at the crossroads of trading routes

Near the equator, Singapore is not just an island, but the main island of the archipelago, surrounded by another 63 islands. In just 150 years, the country Singapore has become a prosperous industrial, shopping and tourist center. Singapore is a small country that does not have special natural resources, but the Prime Minister Kuan Yu Lee managed to excite the population and build a strong economy based exclusively on export.

Sitting Singapore

Country Singapore offers many opportunities for its guests. They, to choose from, can:

Explore Singapore from above, with Singapore Flyer – the largest wheel of the review in the world;

discover Hindu and Buddhist temples, mosques, Anglican and Catholic cathedrals;

learn about the past of the island in the National Museum, which offers numerous festivals and events;

observe the life of birds in the Jurong National Park, in which an exciting aircraft is open;

to visit the ancient Malay Fort Canning, which was turned into a British colonial citadel in the 19th century;

survive the colonial times near the Singapore River and visit an impressive parliament building, built in 1820;

to visit the residence of the President of Istan, which is open to the public five times a year;

To examine the giant guns that were installed by the British in 1939 to protect Singapore, as well as tunnels, which were used to store shells for these guns.

National cuisine Singapore

The small country of Singapore is located at a very important crossroads of Asia. For centuries, merchants crossed this path, carrying a mixture of cultures, including culinary. Nowhere in Asia do not find such a diverse kitchen. Here for breakfast you can try NASI Lemak – Malaysian rice with fish, for lunch – Biryani with chicken, Indian origin, enjoy tea in colonial style, and, finally, in the evening, enjoys Chinese Festin.

Weather in Singapore

The weather in Singapore does not have clearly expressed maximum and minimums. Temperatures range between 22 degrees in December and 30 degrees in May. Singapore of large differences does not have a country between day and night temperatures. They are no more than 8-10 degrees. Climate Singapore is characterized by high humidity, which reaches 90 percent.