Palace Peni – a fairy tale in the style of romanticism

If you look from afar, the illusion of a transition through a temporary portal is created, during the princesses and knights. There are, of course, characters, but the Palace Peni retained the charm and greatness that are felt after the intersection of colorful arched gates.

Location. Being a national Portuguese monument and one of the most important buildings of the romantic style, the Palace Peni Protects from a great height a wonderful city-Park Sintra, which is located 30 kilometers from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

Palace Peni

Description. The Palace of the Peni consists of several parts: the Arsa Palace, which is a tribute to the Moorish style, powerful walls surrounding the attraction, chapel, tower with the clock and the palace itself, which includes bastions. The interior of the palace is impressed by colorful attributes and royal numbers, but the exterior of the palace, which is a real architectural masterpiece, is even more delightful. Attracts attention “Newt”. This difficult work is a giant who holds a giant, skillfully scheduled balcony on his back, and symbolizes the allegory of the world. Located on the top of the hill, the castle offers an enchanting view of the surroundings. They say that on clear days, he can be seen, even in Lisbon.