Characteristics of cement tiles and stretch ceilings Voronezh

Portland cement and quartz sand are used for the manufacture of cement tiles. Then this mixture is poured into the water, and natural dyes are added there. Because of this, cement tiles have a very beautiful look, and it is also very strong. At a price, cement tiles are not very expensive. But do not forget that cement tiles are very wear -resistant. And three layers of paint will take care that its color will be held for a long time. By the way, stretch ceiling ceilings well with cement tiles. Voronezh stretch ceilings are considered the best solution.

This building material can be of different colors. And also cement tiles of baiting different shapes. Because of this, people are not on time to choose a type of cement tile. But do not forget that cement tiles are frost -resistant. Its lines of service is about a hundred years. And this material is stable before algae and mosses. And another plus of cement tiles is that it is stable in front of ultraviolet.

But the minus of this material is also present. Do not forget that this material has a large weight, so the roofing device should be very reliable. And also cement tiles are laid only on the roof in which the angle of the slope becomes from twenty -two to sixty degrees.

If some pollution appeared on the cement tile, then they can simply be washed off with water.