How to solve the issue of sound insulation in the apartment

Very often there is a problem of noise that constantly penetrates the apartment and interferes with a normally rest or do any business. This can be the noise of urban transport outside the window, the noise of neighbors who loudly included music or a film or noise of construction and repair made not far away. How to get rid of annoying noise, sometimes making an unbearable normal life? We will figure out the nature of the noise arising and try to figure out how to minimize it.

Of course, it is most reasonable to contact specialists in this field. They will analyze all the sources of noise arising in the apartment, and develop a methodology for combating them, and will perform qualitatively all work. But you can do something yourself, especially if the apartment is planned. This is where useful tips will come in handy, which will certainly help in the fight against extraneous noise.

Floor repair in the apartment

When repairing the floor in the apartment, it is necessary to take into account the moment that ceramic tiles laid on the floor, and if also directly on the surface of the concrete ceiling, is one of the most sound -conveying options for the installation of the flooring. All sounds of such floors will perfectly convey to both neighbors and from neighbors. From this it follows that in order to achieve maximum sound insulation of the apartment, when repairing the floor, it is necessary to use soundproofing materials. Under the tile cover of the floor or under the laid linoleum, tapes or mats for soundproofing are pre -laid, and sound -absorbing cotton wool is also often used. In any specialized store you can find a rich selection of these materials.

Ceiling repair

When repairing the ceiling, it must be borne in mind that the plasterboard version of the ego finish serves as an excellent amplifier of all extraneous noise from above. A very high sound absorption coefficient has a stretch ceiling. It is best to give preference to him. When installing windows, a plastic double -glazed window may be the most correct solution. They have very high soundproofing indicators of the room.

When installing the front door, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of the thickest. The space between the outer and inner layers of the door is filled with a material with good sound absorption. So the problem of the penetration of extraneous noise into the apartment can be solved by yourself. To do this, maybe it is enough to use these several practical tips.