How to install a limiter on PVC windows?

Metal -plastic windows have many advantages. Their only disadvantage is the lack of natural ventilation. Provide it allows the installation in the profile of the supply valve or the initial installation of the window structure with it. There is a simpler, and, most importantly, cheap way – regular ventilation of the room.

And so that the window can be left open, without worrying that the sash can slam from the strong wind and so on, they install a comb (latch) on it. Externally, this device resembles a comb with large teeth, through which an open sash can be fixed in the right position. The formed clearance is small, but it is enough to ventilate the room. The comb can be bought additional and installed on your own.

This latch does not affect the aesthetics of the window, which is given by modern blinds or roller curtains. This method of decorating PVC windows is considered the most convenient and beautiful. To choose Roman curtains or blinds, just go to where a wide range of these “curtains” for plastic windows is presented. The lock mechanism consists of several elements: a plastic comb with an mount under it, a rod with a bracket for fixing.

A bracket with a rod is installed under the handle of a plastic window, a comb on a neighboring sash. When opening the window, a mobile comb with grooves will drop on the rod and fix the sash. First, the bracket is installed. Remove the handle from the window, picing the overlay with a sharp object and promoting the screws under it. A bracket with a rod is applied to the handle on the reverse side and twist it in place.

The sash with the rod is covered. Put a comb to it so that the rod falls into its grooves. Note this position on a neighboring sash. The mount is attached to the resulting markup. It already has holes for screws that are marked on the frame, and drill holes in these places. The fastening is screwed with self -tapping screws. It remains only to test the comb and the installation is completed.