7 picturesque beaches of Italy

The most favorable time for the beach season in Italy is the time from July to August month. We offer 7 picturesque beaches of Italy with beautiful views. These beaches are deservedly popular with tourists around the world.


Apulia is the most eastern region of Italy, washed by the adriatic and ionic seas.

Apulia – this is the Italian “heel”.

She stretched along the entire coast of the sea.

Is an interesting area of ​​Italy, in the natural-geographical plan.

VIESTE VIESTE is popular in the hot season and attracts vacationers with warm and calm shallow water beaches.


Liguria is a favorite vacation spot for movie stars. Mountains and rocks drowning in flowers resorts, fashionable hotels, quiet bays and a sedative atmosphere attract tourists from around the world, as well as rich Arab Sheikhs.

The center of Liguria is Genoa – a city with its unforgettable history and outstanding personalities.

The beach is popular among vacationers with young children. The bay with shallow and quiet places enables children to frolic in warm and mirror-clean water. The best rest time September-October.


Sardinia Sardinia is an island located west of the Apennine Peninsula and is located, between Corsica and Sicily. This is a unique reserve in whose history there are many riddles.

Here the first in the world began to grow grapes, build ships.

Many years before our era, the Phoenicians began the construction of Tarros, Nora, and others.

You can get to Sardinia on a boat or yacht.

Wild rocks, pure crystal water and violent vegetation gives a desire to admire and make a walk in these beautiful places.

You can enjoy bizarre cliffs or walk through the grottoes, even jump into the water from one of the rocks – in the form of an elephant head.


Calabria Calabria – located in southern Italy. Rocky mountains, forests, plantations with vineyards are visible everywhere. The capital of Calabria – is the city of Katanzaro.

The most popular resorts are located on the Tyrrious coast of Calabria.

Truly unique places. The temple of Santa Maria del Izol is located on a high cape west of the beach and has a grandiose view. The towering volcano stromboli is clearly visible on the horizon.

Pure sand and turquoise water excite the desire to plunge with your head in all this charm for relaxation. There are many pizzerias near the beaches, where you can have a delicious lunch.


The campaign is located on the shores of the Tyrrin Sea, the south – Italy. Since ancient times, this place was the most popular for the Romans and the Greeks.

A lot of thick vegetation on volcanic soils, a warm and dry Mediterranean climate and green-blue sea makes this resort a wonderful place for vacationing tourists and local guarded.


This lampsatuza is a small Italian volcanic island. Located in the Mediterranean Sea. He is the final southern beach of Italy.

Huge turtles come out of the sea at night when the beaches are deserted. From morning to sunrise, a huge number of tourists rush here to see the pristine beauty of these places.

The sea is small – here it will be comfortable to swim even a hundred meters from the shore. The beach is located near the Lampeza port.


Sicily Tours to Sicily are always popular.

Sicily Island is a place where there are many amazing attractions. Here, pebbles on the beaches, can alternately alternate with black sand, hotels are located mainly in the city of historical buildings. A little strange and scary when you see the cities located at the very foot of the Etna volcano.

White Point-this is how the name of the reserve is translated in the south-west of the island.

It’s not easy to get here, first you have to go on jeeps, and then a considerable way on foot. The road is bumpy, but all the efforts spent will receive a reward in the form of an excellent and unforgettable rest.

Two beaches made of golden sand are located here, Cape made of white clay rises nearby. Rest and silence.

Italian resorts invite tourists for an excellent and relaxing vacation!