Existing health problems in rabbits, how to prevent them and how to treat them?

Prevention of diseases and the fight against them

Modern medicine is known a large number of diseases that can question the health of not only people, but also animals. Therefore, it is important in any situation in time to contact specialists in this field for help.

Even animals such as rabbits can be subjected to serious diseases. Of course, proper nutrition and the best care can help you avoid the health problems of your animals, but in any case you will not be able to avoid a variety of non -infectious diseases that require emergency medical intervention. The digestion of rabbits is very sensitive to diseases, since any factor from the outside world can make them feel uncomfortable. For example, fresh grass with dew, or spoiled foods, as well as rabbits, do not tolerate frozen foods fell into their food.

And if you leave the doors wide open, and in the room there will be, albeit insignificant, but draft, then your eared friend can earn pneumonia and rhinitis. And this is not the entire list of diseases, since even from an uncomfortable cell in rabbits, inflammation of the soles can occur. Of course, it is impossible to cure infectious diseases of rabbits, so if your animal was diagnosed with mixtases, HBBC, Aimeriosis, then with these types of diseases the struggle is absolutely useless.

But here are not infectious diseases that are not transmitted to others, you can easily cure, seeking help to specialists at the first symptoms. It is often always easier to prevent a disease than to deal with it. Therefore, the correct care of animals and attention to them is an important condition for you.

Health secret in nutrition

As a rule, rabbit health directly depends on how they eat. A healthy diet can help you choose a veterinarian who knows that it should contain a healthy rabbit diet, namely many plant feeds. After all, if the rabbit lacks plant feed, then serious problems with the digestive tract may occur. And this, in turn, can seriously affect everything in health in general.

It is important to always be careful and check what you give to your animal so that plants that have toxic properties do not get into his food, can lead to negative consequences, namely to poisoning. Unfortunately, poisoning is increasingly found among animals, but its cause is not always of poor-quality products, sometimes this is due to the excess of salt rate in the rabbit diet. Such an incorrect approach can lead to the development of such a disease as rickets.

Often rabbits in panic turn to veterinarians for help, since their animals have red urine. But do not immediately worry and think the worst, as this is a normal phenomenon and it is explained by the presence of needles, spinach, carrots, beets and other colored products in the diet.

In the event that blood is present in the urine, then you need to immediately seek help from doctors, because this is the first symptom of the disease of the genitourinary system in a rabbit. But not only this diagnosis can be made due to blood in the urine, since the tumor can also be accompanied by such symptoms.

Problems with digestion

His health depends on the quality of food food. If you notice that your animal suffers from constipation or diarrhea, then this is in most cases only due to malnutrition. Of course, there are cases when constipation or diarrhea in rabbits is caused by the presence of worms in their body. In order to find the real cause of the disease, it is necessary without delaying to contact specialists. Only in this way can you determine the causes of the disease and choose the right treatment.

In the event that a rabbit stomach disorder is associated with a non -infectious disease, then it is necessary to limit the diet of the animal and leave only hay and crackers in it, this is the only way to restore the microflora of the stomach of the rabbit.

If the rabbit has constipation, then for this an experienced veterinarian will be able to advise you the right decision in the form of a laxative, diluted with water. This is the only way you can restore the usual work of the animal’s intestines, and the problems associated with the constipation of the rabbit will not arise anymore, and you can safely feed your animal without thinking about the consequences.

Rabbit’s abdominal pain

Bob or ordinary cabbage varieties, as well as frozen or overheated products, poorly washed vegetables and fruits, may not be well absorbed in the stomach of the rabbit and thus can lead to the formation of flatulence.

The food that you feed your rabbit can remain in the stomach longer than it is necessary, and can also linger in the intestines. Because of what the food eaten begins to roam the animal in the body and may begin the process of releasing harmful gases.

Ultimately, the rabbit’s stomach swells strongly, and the mucous membranes that cover the mouth and nose begin to blue. As soon as such manifestations began to appear, it is necessary to make a rabbit a warm enema, while it is necessary to continue to massage the stomach. This can help relieve stomach pain.

It is important to remember the main reason for bloating in rabbits: this is insufficient mobility. Therefore, if you see the first symptoms of bloating, take your rabbit from the cage and force it to actively move. In the initial stages, it can help.

Rabbit diseases – non -neopsy

Rabbits, like any living creatures on the planet, do not like draft and damp. The body of rabbits instantly reacts to such phenomena, this is manifested by diseases of the respiratory system, and by the most diverse, it can be bronchitis and pneumonia. But in any case, it is always necessary to consult with a professional, since discharge from the nose of a rabbit can also indicate more complex diseases, for example, pasteurellosis.

If this disease is not detected in time or cure, it can develop into an acute form, from which the rabbit can die within a few days. Therefore, do not try to self -medicate, but trust your pet to specialists who can correctly make a diagnosis and cure your animal.

Rinitis disease

A disease such as rhinitis is infectious and proceeds in the form of release of purulent mucus from the nose, and with ordinary non -infectious rhinitis, the discharge from the nose has a serous look. If the doctor diagnosed non -strut -free rhinitis, then the treatment is quite easy. All that needs to be done is dripping drops in the nose.

What is dododermite

It is always important and often monitor the cleanliness in the cage of your rabbit, because otherwise inflammation of the soles may develop, which has the name underodermatitis. Another reason for the development of this disease is the inconvenience of nets at the base of the cell.

The manifestation of the disease can be easily determined when the rabbit appears on the paws of the rabbit, and pus is released from them. But this disease is easy to treat, since all that needs to be done is to rinse the paws with a special solution.

How to diagnose lichen

The frequent problem of rabbits is lichen. The causes of its occurrence may be the litter in the cell or hay, which is covered with a cell. Liche can be transmitted through these places. With lichen, the animal is bald, and dryness forms on the bald head. In order to cure lichen, you need to visit a doctor who can make a vaccine a rabbit and treat the bald areas with paste or ointment.

Where do the fleas come from

Due to the fact that rabbits are quite fluffy animals, they, like other animals, are attacked by fleas. In order to detect the presence of fleas, it is necessary to push the wool in the walker and detect the presence, or the absence of fleas. At the same time, on the wool of the infected animal, you can find black dots that remain after the fleas.

If your rabbit began to actively scratch himself and bite his skin to the blood, then you need to seek help, since it may have fleas. To fight fleas, doctors recommend using special drops that kill fleas.