Detailed instructions for the construction of the terrace

To build a terrace, you first need to prepare the base. It is required to flat up the site, fall asleep sand and compact it. You can also use gravel. Then determine the height of the styling and the first beam is installed. It should be attached to the wall of the house. Corner points should be marked with chalk cord.

Thinking through the terrace project, you need to take into account the relief of the site and soil features. The weak structure will not be able to withstand snow pressure, so that the climatic conditions should be taken into account. To create a capital structure, it is necessary to equip the side fences and the roof.

To get a stable supporting surface, it is necessary to drive concrete slabs or cobblestone stones into the ground. The support beams are laid from the first timber. If the board is used 28 mm wide, the distance between the beams should be 60 cm. For a board of 21 mm, maintain a distance of 40 cm. After laying the beams, they need to be leveled. Then the frame is sheathed with boards.

The upper face of the beams is covered with bitumen glue. On top you need to lay a layer of roof cardboard to protect the structure from moisture. The first board should be placed at right angles to the beams. It will serve as a guideline when installing other boards. To fix the board, steel screws are used.

If the boards are placed under the slope, the rainwater will not stagnate. Subsequent boards need to be laid with a small gap. The inch ruler can act as a spacer. If the boards must be combined with pipes or doors, you need to apply the dimensions of the recess on the planks. Then you need to cut the recess with a hacksaw and fasten the board.

After installing the boards, they need to be trimmed along the Cretaceous cord. Wooden elements must be treated with a protective composition. The ends of the boards should be processed before the start of assembly.

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