Travel insurance

“Live or not live” a trip abroad on a tour?

Poprazing the famous classic, each person, going on a foreign trip, may think: to insure or not insure his life from an accident or sudden illness? The answer is obvious: of course, insure! And not because something can certainly happen to the tourist. And rather, for your own calm, it is better to issue such an insurance policy. After all, its amount is negligible compared to what risks with health he covers.

Travel insurance in the insurance market now has been presented a great many insurance programs. They can be chosen for every taste and wallet. It is best to buy expensive insurance. She will cover both a serious operation, and the evacuation of the victim to his homeland, and (God forbid, as they say!) body delivery. If insurance is chosen cheaper, then you need to pay attention to the moments described in the application. But, in any case, it must be remembered that the insurance policy for a foreign trip will not cover medical expenses for aggravated chronic diseases. It’s no secret that medicines, for example in Europe, are very expensive. And without a recipe it is impossible to buy them. But in order to get this very recipe, you must first go to an appointment with a local doctor (in France it costs at least 50 euros). Therefore, if a stomach ulcer will feel about the climate change, your teeth suddenly get sick or brings the liver, then you need to take all the usual medicines with you, having previously learned about the rules for their transportation.

Well, finally, to whom to contact if something happened on a trip? In the language of professionals, this is called “CARE OF THE CASE”. The presence of your insurance company in the country of stay is very useful in such a situation. And the most profitable option would be to go directly there. Worse, if it is somewhere in the third country. Naturally, this will entail additional expenses for telephone conversations.

In the most serious way, you need to approach the acquisition of the insurance policy if children go abroad. After all, they are unpredictable. There he broke his knee, and there he hit his head on the side of the water slide … Whatever the day, then tension. Good insurance for a child will instill calmness and a joyful mood for the whole trip to the souls of his parents. It’s nice to realize that the whole family is properly protected on a distant journey. Is not it?