Building a foundation for a multi -storey building

Any house is based on the foundation. The foundation is the key that the house will be reliable and durable. The foundation carries the whole mass of the structure of the house, so it should be, first of all, durable.

Before the decision, what will be the foundation for a multi -storey building, a thorough study of the soil is necessary. If the soil is loose, it will need to be additionally strengthened. It is also necessary to determine the level of groundwater.

The most popular, due to its economy, and at the same time reliability, is a pile foundation. The cost of driving piles is small, and the house on such a foundation will be able to stand for more than a dozen years. If the soil is a watery, pile foundation is almost the only option for solving the problem. The depth of piles should be determined based on soil research.

If the soil analysis has shown that the soil is very stable and dry, you can use a reinforced concrete monolithic foundation. Bay reinforced concrete will be the main element for the monolithic foundation of a multi -storey building. Previously, a foundation pit is rummaged in which the reinforcement is installed. Then there is a continuous filling of concrete into the pit. Before pouring concrete, to strengthen the foundation design, you can fill in a layer of sand.

Pour the foundation in the pit using special concrete pumps. First of all, the corners of the future house should be flooded. After that, all the edges and branches are poured. And only at the very end the internal elements of the walls occur. After pouring it, it is necessary to make a vibration sequence of concrete. And the joints of all load -bearing walls should be intensively reinforced

Any foundation of a multi -storey building will require special heavy equipment and professional workers.