Laying tiles: small tricks with great skill.

Laying tiles: small tricks with great skill.

Started another repair in their apartment? But do not rush and hire a team of workers. Their services will turn out to be very expensive, and to trace the quality of the work performed at all stages is not always possible. Also, everyone at least once encountered with repair is aware of a large cost of finance. How to find a compromise: save and get a high -quality work?

The answer is obvious and very simple – you should certainly do the case yourself. Today, almost every family has experience in independent laying tiles. Not everyone, however, turns out as planned.

So that the most exquisite tile does not look cheap and commonplace, when working, you should adhere to some rules. By impact resistance, ceramic tiles are divided into four classes. It is customary to use the weakest, first class in bathrooms, when, as the fourth class, they are used for street work, for example, at the entrance to the institution.

When laying tiles of difficulties itself, it should not arise, since the technique of wall cladding is similar to the floor cladding. But to find out small, but very useful tips will not hurt.

Sometimes it happens to detect unpleasant defect of the tiles, such as damaged edges (chips, cracks, violation of the integrity of the enamel layer), with abundant wetting with water on the tile under a layer of enamel, spots can form, or tiles can turn out to be different sizes.

Getting rid of such terrible effect is very simple! If chips and cracks are detected, put the tile so as not to spoil the future appearance of the surface, and then use in those areas where not a whole tile is required. Just cut it of the desired size and use the quality side.

The way to combat the second defect is extremely simple. Do not soak tiles in water and all!

A different tile size should also not cause special difficulties. It can be installed in the lowest part of the entire facing surface at the same time, it is worth paying attention to the increasing or decreasing size of the seams.

These little tips will help when laying tiles, and you will be satisfied with your own result.