About tourist insurance

As you already understood from the name of this article, we will talk about tourist insurance. This service is currently very interesting and quite relevant. The tourist insurance may include more than one type of service: legal assistance, medical expenses, loss or damage to baggage or even compensation for the delay of the aircraft, as well as many other useful services. Their number will directly depend on your preferences and wishes. Most likely, most travelers immediately have the question: “Why is it needed?”. Here are a few rather extensive answers.

Visa.  In order to get a visa, consulates of many countries demand to provide an insurance policy for this. For example, the embassies of the Schengen Union countries require one insurance for one individual without fail.

Passion for sports.  If your vacation is active, then the risk of getting serious injury is very large. If you or your family members are not safe and it happens that you or someone from your family received any injury (fracture, for example)-one day of treatment in the most ordinary state hospital at the hospital, will result in about 200 Euro. And insurance will cost you, about 500 rubles and the treatment will be fully paid for the insurance company. The difference is very noticeable and you cannot disagree with this.

Flight delay.  In our life, many different unforeseen situations arise. For example, waiting for his plane at the airport, it turns out that for some reason he is delayed. The insurance company and for such a case provided the conditions of insurance from such cases.   Each hour of the delay of departure of the aircraft is compensated at 62. 5 euros.

Disease.  It also happens that before the trip itself, we can suddenly overtake the disease (or some other good reason appears) and we have to cancel the journey. You can insure yourself and for such a case. In the event that you cancel the trip for a good reason or because of your illness, then the insurance company returns money for the purchased flights, the rented hotel and the cost of the tour itself, that is, the entire amount of your costs is completely compensated.

Tourist insurance and these are only a few of the most common examples of what insurance is needed for.

Our article is not just the name “Tourist Insurance in online mode”. In addition to the above positive aspects of insurance, a huge plus is also that you can insure yourself and your family without leaving your own house. Buying an insurance policy occurs through the Internet (to all, you yourself choose those moments from which you want to insure yourself) and immediately after payment, the policy comes to you for an email. You will spend a minimum of your precious time on the purchase of an insurance policy! This insurance policy is accepted in absolutely all visa embassies and centers, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. In addition, if for some reason you want to return the money for the insurance policy, then the insurance company will do this within 3 business days after its payment.

Flight delay insurance

There is another positive point in buying tourist insurance. The insurance company provides an excellent choice when buying an insurance policy: one -time or annual (reusable). A one -time insurance policy is valid during one tourist trip, multiple – valid for one year from the date of its acquisition. It is profitable to purchase the latter to those who travel quite often (3-4 times a year and more, as well as if the trip lasts at least 2 weeks).

What to do if one of the insured events suddenly arose? Everything is very simple: you need to call one of the phone numbers indicated in your insurance policy.