Castle Bran – a real cocktail of architectural styles

One of the most popular attractions of Romania, the Bran Castle is famous not only thanks to the legend of Count Dracula, but also because of the good preservation, wealth of the interior and the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Location. Historical and architectural monument, Bran Castle is a real decoration of the Romanian Transylvania. It is located less than 30 kilometers from the city of Brasov, on the road that passes through the Vartholome District. From a strategic point of view, the castle takes a very favorable position, rising above the district, designed on a rock.

Castle Bran

Description. The first premises of the Bran Castle is a security room located in the southern tower. It is decorated in the style of Transylvanian Gothic, which is traditional for these places. At the foot of the Western Tower is the chapel of Prince Mirchi, who was developed in the Byzantine style. The bedroom of Queen Mary has an interesting design, where the elements of the art is adjacent to the architecture of the Renaissance. The Gothic hall is colorful, the doors on which are decorated with the image of the two -headed eagle, the Bran Castle still offers to visit: the main salon and the Bidermaire salon, the King Ferdinand’s bedroom and the guest bedroom, the living room and the music salon, the library of Queen Maria and the room of hunting trophies.