Why is it worth visiting Honduras

The state is in the central part of America. This is a fabulous country. It attracts tourists with deciduous tropical forests, elevated and laconic mountains.

In Honduras there are the best places in the world for scuba diving and diving. The best athletes of the world gather here to hone their skills here.

When visiting Honduras, you must definitely visit the ancient ruins of Maya, where you can fully feel the atmosphere of the ancient world.

Those who came to Honduras for a relaxing beach holiday, it is best to stop in the town of Kayos Kochinos. This is a peaceful place in which you can fully improve natural beauties, take a walk along the quiet paths. You will not find a single car here – there is not a single road, only foot paths.

Fans of exotic need to visit the Roiatan. Here you can dive and watch marine animals, including sharks.

National cuisine of Honduras

Honduras cuisine will like lovers of Indian and Spanish kitchens. Basic, rice, fish, unsweetened bananas are mainly prepared here. The meat is very rare in the menu of local cooks.

A large number of different spices add to all dishes. There are necessarily salads from vegetables, which are in the country in a wide variety.

Many different dishes are prepared by skilled cooks from bananas. There are a lot of sweet dishes in the menu. But no need to worry about their calorie content. The cooks are preparing dishes that contain few calories and will like everyone who cares about their figure. Residents of Honduras love soup made of mollusks, pancakes of seafood and dumplings from fish.

Climate Honduras

Honduras is located in the tropical zone. Strong temperature differences between seasons are not observed. In summer, the temperature fluctuates in the area of ​​+25 C, and in winter reaches +22 C.

About 2700 mm of precipitation falls over the year. Powerful hurricanes often occur in the country, which have a destructive force. Rains mainly go from September to October, and the second rain period is from January to February. The rest of the time rains also go almost every day.

The dry climate in the northern part of the country. The least rainfall here falls from December to April and from August month to September.

It is best to visit the country in the spring months to tourists.