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In order not to purchase a marriage when buying a parquet, you need to look at the packaging and choose a parquet only in factory packaging. It is best for a parquet to be bought by a master who will be launched parquet. Parquet should always be purchased with a margin, since the value of this reserve depends on the quality of the parquet. The sale of a massive board in St. Petersburg is very common, so you will have a large selection. What affects its qualitative characteristics? Parquet drying method is the main quality parameter. There are several common ways to dry the parquet using: microwave, hot air and vacuum. The last method is considered the most sparing and the best, as it does not make internal stresses in the tree. In this regard, with such a parquet dried with this method when temperatures and humidity fluctuations, problems will be much less. The equipment on which the parquet was produced is not a small role in its quality. High -quality parquet, made according to all standards, with a calamity on an even base, will not have cracks, parquet, which has all the necessary grooves and “scallops”, will ensure the stability of the coating when the temperature conditions are changed. The accuracy of the assembly of the floor covering depends on compliance with the thickness of the ridge and the depth of the groove. The geometric accuracy of the planks depends on the equipment on which they were made. The determining parameter of how to polish or cycle after laying depends on the accuracy of production. When grinding or cycling, a wood layer is removed from the surface of the planks, and if you take into account the fact that it is necessary to replace the parquet varnish once every five years, so you have to cycle parquet, because of this, the service life may significantly decrease. The length and thickness of the strips very strongly affect the duration of the floor. If with the length of the strips more than 350 mm, and the thickness is more than 16 mm, then when laying the bar on the base loses their elasticity. There are several types of parquet: classic piece, shield, mosaic and parquet board. The PARTAL PARTICTIONAL DET WAY OF LOOKS. If you suddenly decide to buy polished and varnished parquet, it is important to know that the problems are usually solved at the styling stage, for this type of parquet are transferred at the time of the first shift of varnish. The main nuance: to lay down already varnished, without scratching the parquet at the same time, it is very difficult. And the last advice, which is necessarily important to know when choosing a parquet. The laying of cheap and not very high -quality parquet is a risky business and expensive. Since during the operation of cheap parquet any hidden defects may appear in the form of cracks and swelling of the material.