Monaco – brilliance and wealth on the azure bank

Monaco is considered a place for the rich and for those who want to become rich. The second smallest state in the world, the country of Monaco occupies a convenient place on the Cote d’Azur, and can also serve as a convenient point for visiting the French Riviera and Italy.

The sights of Monaco

In the Historical Center of Monaco, Palais Square is located, where you can see the delightful palace of Prince Albert, which was built in 1215. There are a lot of museums in the city, including: the oceanographic museum and aquarium, the Museum of Souvenirs and Napoleonic Memoirs, the Museum of Historical Archives, the Museum of Wax Figures. Japanese gardens on the seashore, the National Museum of Puppets, exotic gardens, the museum of prehistoric anthropology are some attractions of another metropolis of the Monaco of the city of Monte Carlo, which is primarily known for its casino, the most grandiose of which is Grand Casino.

It is located in the most famous area of ​​the city – Golden Circle, where there are many more luxurious restaurants, hotels and shops. Casino is connected with the Opera Salle Garnier Aquarium, which stands on 28 ionic columns from Onyx. Very beautiful coast of this corner of the Mediterranean. Elite and even luxury beaches, attract a large number of celebrities, and lovers to relax topless will find several magnificent beaches for nudists. In addition, the country of Monaco is ideal for classes by the most diverse types of water disciplines, such as water skiing, diving, visurfing, sailing.

National cuisine of Monaco

Located off the coast, the country of Monaco is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine, which uses a lot of olive oil, fresh tomato, onions, garlic, olives and anchovies. Another ordinary product is fish, especially in stew, as well as a wide variety of salads. The most famous national dish is Ratatouilla – vegetable stew with tomatoes, onions, pepper and eggplant, and the most popular drink is champagne.

Weather in Monaco

The subtropical Mediterranean climate prevails in Monaco. Alps protect the country from cold northern winds, and summer cool breezes help to transfer the heat. In January, the coldest is 10-13 degrees of heat, and in August the warmer-23-27 degrees. It is in the summer period that the country of Monaco is more attractive to tourists. However, in May and September, it is also very comfortable to relax here.